iBackup Services for Safety

Backing up your Information in case of Disaster

Do you have a current backup? Many computer users are neglectful of making backups and taking a copy of their data to an off-site location. IBackup provides scheduled backups of critical data to an off-site location so your data is always accessible in case of a hard disk failure and especially in the case of a disaster (fire, hurricane, theft, water damage, etc.). Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

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IBackup is a secure online storage, backup, remote access and sharing solution for consumers and businesses. It is the most recommended and used online storage and backup provider. Global corporations, businesses, and consumers trust IBackup for their storage and backup needs. If you are an individual looking for a storage space to store your files or an enterprise with gigabytes of data to be backed up on a daily basis to a secure offsite backup location, IBackup has the right solution and the right mix of storage/backup applications.

IBackup for Windows

IBackup for Windows is for scheduling unattended backups with compression, incremental and encryption features using advanced patching technology that transfers only modified blocks within a modified file resulting in faster backups. IBackup for Windows offers enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers, optional 256-bit proprietary encryption on storage with a user-defined encryption key that is not stored anywhere on IBackup servers. In addition, you can also backup and restore database files and System state components. It also features Snapshots. Snapshots are views of user data at a point in time. If one is executing daily backups, users can go back to any of the previous days to restore data depending on the available number of Snapshots.

IBackup currently is the leader in price/ performance among storage and backup providers. Storage plans are the most extensive and cost effective in the online backup/ storage segment.

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